The Minimum Gross Salary to Grow Starting with January 2019

Written by: Bridgewest

Although the authorities did not establish a date in which increasing the minimum gross salary will go into effect, the measure seems to be close to the beginning of 2019. The minimum gross salary in Romania is about to grow with 180 lei in the months to come. In terms of taxes for companies in Romania, our accounting firm in Romania is at your disposal with complete assistance and advice on request.

Increasing the minimum gross salary in Romania

The following months are important to the Romanian workforce because the government decided to increase the minimum gross salary from 1.900 lei to 2.080 lei. After the discussions with the patronages and syndicates in the work field in Romania, the authorities decided in unanimity that the minimum gross salary should be modified in the first months of 2019. Even though a few months ago there was a discussion that the minimum gross salary growth will be effective at the beginning of November, the plans have changed in this direction, considering the possibility of applying the measure in December this year or in January 2019.

The salary offered in compliance with the studies and the experience

The proposal of growing the minimum gross salary is subject to several differences, according to the education and the experience of a worker in Romania. For example, the workers in specific job positions for which a higher education is necessary can be remunerated with a minimum gross salary of 2.350 lei starting with the 1st of December or January 2019. The same minimum gross salary is applicable for the type of workers already having 15 years of experience in the labor field.
On the other hand, according to the governmental strategies and plans for Romania, the net minimum wage in Romania should be subject to an annual growth of 100 lei until 2020.
Knowing the taxes for salaries of employees in Romania, plus the tax compliance must be in the attention of foreign investors looking to incorporate a company in this country. We invite you to contact our accounting firm in Romania and find out complete information about the taxes for businesses in Romania.