Romanian companies maintain a positive outlook on the future

Written by: Bridgewest

Romanian_companies_maintain_a positive_outlook_on_the_future.jpgRomanian companies are more optimistic about the future, compared to foreign companies in Romania, as revealed by a new study performed by EY Romania. The business morale is reflected in the previsions made by business owners regarding the turnover growth, potential investments and the growth forecast. The predictions were also positive for employment in 2015.

Optimistic Romanian companies

According to the study, the companies that expressed the most positive growth outlook for 2015 operate in the industry and production sectors, while the most optimistic foreign companies in Romania are to be found in the services sector. This could be determined by an increase in the purchase power and the overall better situation in certain markets. However, the study also revealed that the most optimistic Romanian companies were also expecting significant investments in the field. More than 50% of the Romanian companies that were questioned for the study estimate that they will record investments of over 10%. At the same time, only 28% of the foreign companies in Romania expect the same percentage of investments in 2015.
Romanian companies have also shown that they expect a growth in wages in 2015. Nearly 14% of the Romanian companies believe that wages will grow by 10% - 20% and only 2% of the foreign companies in Romania are expecting the same growth in salaries. 

Innovation for success

Perhaps the overall optimism that seems to be the trend among Romanian companies is due to their success strategies: according to the same study, 70% of the companies believe that innovation is a key to success. Only 50% of the foreign companies in Romania have expressed the same opinion. 
Also, Romanian companies tend to use a different scale for success - the most important elements seem to be brand awareness, the number of employees, the financial results and customer satisfaction. Foreign companies operating in Romania use a different scale to measure success: process optimization, the number of years a company has been present on the market and the market share.
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