Positive predictions for employment in 2015

Written by: Bridgewest

Positive_predictions_ for_employment_in_2015.jpg

Many Romanian employers believe they will continue to make new employments during the first months of 2015. Employers have predicted positive growths in employment during the last four years and have continuously declared every quarter that the employment rate will grow during the next quarter. The number of jobs in Romania has grown from one quarter to another and employees looking for a new workplace can remain optimistic during the first months of 2015.

The most favorable business sectors

A new report indicates that 13% of the employers in Romania are thinking of expanding their workforce in the next three months, while 12% are expecting layoffs and 73% are not willing to adjust the workforce. The employment prevision for the first quarter of 2015 is 3 percent higher than the one made for the first quarter of 2014. The data was gathered before the presidential elections that took place last month and some of the employers declared that they must wait and see how the political environment will influence their business.
The most optimistic plans for employment are in the manufacturing sector and also in the finance, insurance, real estate and business services sectors. Less optimistic plans for new employments are in the agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing and construction sectors.  Even if it recorded a negative value, the prediction for the construction sector still recorded a growth of 5 percent compared to the fourth quarter. 

Employment according to the type of business

The level of confidence for employment seems to grow according to the size of the company. Employers in large companies, with more than 250 employees, have the strongest intentions to increase their workforce. On the other hand, small companies with less than 10 employees are less willing to make any changes to their staff and do not foresee any increase or decrease in the total number of employees in the first three months of 2015.
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