Individuals Could Pay Thier Taxes Online Starting Autumn

Written by: Bridgewest

Individuals-could-pay-thier-taxes-online-starting-autumnThe National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) announced that starting this fall companies and individuals will be able to pay their taxes and other contributions online. According to the minister for public finances, ANAF has started to work on the enrollment procedures on the online platform. Our Romanian accountants can offer detailed information on the tax system in this country.

ANAF to be enrolled with the online payment platform

While the online platform,, existed for some time now, and several taxes could be paid through it, the main issued remained paying most of the taxes through this platform. In order to achieve that, ANAF would have to register with in order to allow contributors to pay their taxes online.

The minister of finances declared that among her priorities for 2016 are online payment of taxes and simplified administrative procedures. While the latter is slowly coming in place, as several documents have been removed from the list of required documents when dealing with tax authorities, the former one is just starting to shape up.

Starting this autumn, at least private individuals should be able to pay their taxes online.

How would the online payment process go?

After ANAF finishes the enrollment process, a credit institution, or better said, a bank to collect the money should be appointed. This is the second step to be completed in order to the process to begin. The online platform which is already up and running allowing citizens to pay the property tax and several other taxes depending on the governmental agencies registered with the platform.

The virtual payment window which currently runs by the name “The national electronic system for online payment of taxes by using the card” falls under the governance of the Governmental Decision No. 1235/2010 and became active in 2006. Citizens paying their taxes online have the possibility of doing that in two ways: with or without authentication.

At the moment, all taxes can be paid in cash with the local authorities, through transfer, payment order, or internet banking, which is why if you are interested in the new payment method, we recommend you to get in touch with our accounting firm in Romania for updated information.