How to Change the Tax Returns

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How to Change the Tax ReturnsAccording to the Romanian Tax Code, the taxpayers have the right to correct tax returns filed with the tax authority, if there are errors in the original statement. The National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) published Order no. 3769/205 which details how to change the tax returns. There are specific situations when correcting the tax returns is applicable. Our accountants in Romania can give you detailed information on the matter of tax declarations.


When can a tax return be corrected?

Any natural or legal person who generates incomes in Romania is subject to paying taxes. Tax returns must be filed on a regular basis and submitted with the tax authorities. These documents can be corrected in the following situations:

•  If the payment of the tax obligation was made with a wrong tax identification code or in another budget than the corresponding one;
•   If other tax obligations have been paid besides those provided to be paid in the respective account;
•   If the payment of the tax obligation was made to another budget than the one related to the income for which the tax obligation is paid.

The correction of the errors in the tax return can be made on request that has to be settled in 45 days from its registration. The tax authority issues a note regarding the correction of errors from the payment documents if the request is admitted. Changing a tax return can lead to the amendment or cancellation of certain tax administration acts. Our Romanian accountants can offer you professional assistance in correcting your tax return declarations.

Tax returns which can be changed

Legal persons who obtain an income within Romania have the legal obligation to pay taxes to the state budget in certain amount and period of time. Individual and corporate tax compliance is regulated by the fiscal legislation. The tax return declarations can be filed on a monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual basis. The tax returns, which can be changed if errors occur in their filing, are the following:

•  the income tax return (form 100);
•  the payroll tax (form 112);
• the declaration on acquisition and deliveries of intra-communitary goods and services (form 390);
•  the VAT declaration (form 300);
•  the tax declaration on deliveries and services carried out In Romania (form 394).

If you need to make changes to your tax return declarations and need legal guidance, please contact our accounting firm in Romania.