How the New Special Tax Will Apply for Small Companies Starting With 2017

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How-the-New-Special-Tax-Will-Apply-for-Small-Companies-Starting-With-2017.jpgCompanies in Romania that activate in tourism and the public food sector will be subject to a different taxation regime starting with 2017. The new tax system will no longer be imposed based on the profits recorded in the country. It will be calculated according to several different factors, including the location of the company and the net area of the premises where the company is located. Our Romanian accountants can help you understand how this new calculation method applies to small, medium or large companies in Romania.

The special tax for restaurants and bars in Romania

The calculation method for the special tax will be applicable to restaurants and companies that engage in catering activities as well as in the provision of other activities that involve delivering foodstuffs. The formula will be based on the size of the restaurant, its location, the net surface, the annual period during which the restaurant is functional, the technical space in the unit.
Restaurants located outside of a large city will pay less, even if they have roughly the same net size. With the passing of the new law, the location of the restaurant or bar became an important factor for calculating this special tax. The four categories of locations will be as such: 
- Bucharest and eight other cities: Brasov, Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Timisoara;
- other cities;
- national resorts;
- townships, villages, etc.
The experts at our Bucharest accounting firm can help you with detailed examples on how the tax will be calculated for a medium sized restaurant and for a large restaurant. We can also help you apply this formula if you own a bar or club located in Bucharest and other important cities.

The special tax for hotels in Romania

Hotels and other accommodation units, accommodation units for holidays and short periods of time, trailer parks and camping sites are also included on the list of activities that will pay the special tax starting with 2017. These types of businesses will be taxed based on a standard coefficient multiplied by the number of accommodation rooms/spaces.
You can contact our Bucharest accounting firm if you own a facility that provides both restaurant and accommodation services or if you need accounting services for a different type of business in Romania.