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Positive predictions for employment in 2015


Many Romanian employers believe they will continue to make new employments during the first months of 2015. Employers have predicted positive growths in employment during the last four years and have continuously declared every quarter that the employment rate will grow during the next quarter. The number of jobs in Romania has grown from one quarter to another and employees looking for a new workplace can remain optimistic during the first months of 2015.

Regular verification for high-risk VAT payers


The National Agency for Fiscal Administration will check the registration criteria for all taxable individuals who require re-registration for VAT purposes, after they have had their registration cancelled. Also, the agency will regularly assess some categories of taxable individuals who are considered high-risk VAT payers.

New work notice needed for hiring employees


Employers need a new special work notice in order to be allowed to hire certain types of employees. In order to obtain the document, employers must pay the equivalent in lei of 200 euros. Business owners who do not observe the regulation could be fined with an amount between 1,000 and 3,000 lei. The Government Ordinance no. 25/2014 regarding the employment and secondment of foreigners in Romania and regarding the amendment and supplementing of certain normative documents for the applicable regime for foreigners in Romania was already published in the Official Gazette and it entered into force.