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How to Make the Fiscal Reactivation of a Romanian Company


The Ministry of Public Finance issued a draft law that will allow for an easier fiscal reactivation of a Romanian company. The tax inspectors from the National Agency for Fiscal Administration will not make any further checks to see if the company is still compliant as far as the fiscal domicile of the corporation is concerned. This check-up will not take place only in those situations in which the inactivity was not related to the company’s fiscal domicile. Our Romanian accountants can help you understand these new provisions.

Project: Multinational Companies to Pay Tax on Loans for their Subsidiaries


A new draft law proposes a new taxation method for the avoidance of tax evasion. The project was proposed by a number of 23 deputies and it stipulates that surplus borrowing costs from mother companies to subsidiaries and/or branches to be deductible only to 30% of that taxpayer’s earnings. The project was proposed in order to deal with an unlawful practice used by some multinational corporations that have operational offices in Romania. One of the experts at our Bucharest accounting firm can give you adequate counseling on this matter if your corporation has or will open a branch or a subsidiary in the country.