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How to Do Yearly Financial Reporting According to the Type of Company

Small, medium and large companies need to comply with the requirements of the annual financial statements for 2017 until May this year,  in respect to the new business classification. In this sense, it has been published a set of rules in the Official Gazette which observes the criteria for establishing the type of company. Our accountants in Romania can offer information about the requirements in this sense and can help entrepreneurs observe and conform with the annual financial statements.

A New Fiscal Document to Declare Sponsorships in a Firm

Companies with profits above EUR 1 million in 2017 and registered as taxpayers in Romania must comply with the new requirements regarding the income tax. In this matter, according to the new Fiscal Code, companies need to submit a new tax declaration with details about the sponsorships offered or received, private scholarships (if any) and the acts of patronage. For the necessary information regarding the new policies of the Fiscal Code which matter in the accounting field for your business in Romania, we recommend you get in touch with our Romanian accountants.