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The Threshold for VAT Registration Will Grow at 300,000 Lei


The VAT registration rules for small companies in Romania have been recently changed, meaning that the threshold will grow from 220.000 lei to 300.000 lei. This rule will be applicable starting with April 2018, but before it gets implemented, we strongly recommend you address your inquiries to our Romanian accountants at any time.

What are the Risks When Applying for Grant Funds

Small and medium entrepreneurs have lots of chances to develop their businesses in Romania by applying for grant funds. These are usually directed to those looking for placing their startups on the market or for those who are interested in developing the already established companies focusing on technology and related features. There are a few risks to consider when applying for grant funds as local or foreign business person in Romania. Besides that, we remind that each company should solicit accounting services in Romania and be aware of the rules and regulations in this sense. Our Romanian accountants are at your disposal with complete support and furthermore, they can perform audits in Romania in compliance with the local legislation and the European laws.