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Companies are Exempt from Penalties One Time for Not Submitting Fiscal Declarations

The fiscal declarations are mandatory for each company with activities in Romania. According to a recently revised law for 2018, enterprises which do not declare the fiscal obligations to the financial authorities in charge are exempt one time from penalties. Instead of dealing with unwanted consequences regarding the financial responsibilities in your firm, we suggest you address to our Romanian accountants who are at your disposal with support and information about the tax system in Romania and the responsibilities in this sense. Likewise, our advisors can offer audits in Romania for any type of companies you might have.

Changes on How Social Contributions Must be Registered by Companies

Starting with January 2018, companies must observe the new social contributions and need to comply in accordance with the applicable legislation for businesses in Romania and the recent provisions. Among these, the social insurance contributions, the work insurers contribution, and the social health contribution are part of the new structure of obligations payable by companies. To properly understand the new legal responsibilities and the tax system for companies, our accountants in Romania can offer support an information.